Who was Benjamin Jones? Walmart shooter had racial motivations according to police

Alice Wallin

Who was Benjamin Jones? Walmart shooter had racial motivations according to police

Jones, 20, of Dayton, allegedly walked into the Beavercreek Walmart and began shooting. When authorities showed up minutes after the incident, they found Jones dead on the floor near the store’s visual compound.

FBI and Beavercreek police say they will continue investigating

Monday’s shootings at the Beavercreek Walmart are now considered to have been influenced to some limited extent by the Racially Provoked Violent Fanatic (RMVE) philosophy, according to statements released Wednesday by both the FBI and Beavercreek police. This aim was derived from evidence that included traces of the diary of the attacker known as Benjamin Charles Jones.

Police say the survivors of the attack, which occurred around 8:35 p.m. on Monday, include a white woman, two brown-haired women and a white man.

Who was Benjamin Jones?

Benjamin Jones, 20, of Dayton, walked into Walmart and began shooting. During policing, Jones was found on the ground near the store’s footage, apparently dead from a self-inflicted draining wound.

The gun Jones used turned out to be a Hey Point .45 type carbine, purchased from a store in the Dayton area just two days before the incident. Auditors are currently probing Jones’ experience to determine the accuracy of his responses to ATF Structure 4473, an anticipated government report on gun purchases. Rather, this structure involves an investigation into psychological health history and disposition, raising concerns given past incidents in which Fairborn police responded to calls about Jones experiencing thoughts of self-harm in April and May 2022.

Over the course of two episodes, the “formal notification” process was initiated and Jones was taken to the Soin Clinical Center. According to government regulation, people who are automatically affiliated with psychological institutions are prohibited from purchasing weapons.

As investigations continue, the FBI and Beavercreek police encourage the general public to provide important data regarding the incident. The thought process behind the attack is still under evaluation, emphasizing the need for an intensive understanding of the variables that contributed to this unfortunate event. Experts focus on unraveling the complexities that encompass the shooter’s experience and inspirations. A photo of Jones was turned over by Beavercreek police as part of their ongoing data collection efforts.