Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Butterflies Rose Oldham became a notable starlet before she was even born due to her mother’s notoriety. She is the daughter of Kimberly Elise, a notable entertainer in TV and movies. The carefully crafted symbol of distraction rose to prominence after his pioneering performance in the bloody film Adored.

Unfortunately, Butterfly’s father died at the age of 48. She also has an older sister named AjaBleu, who is a creative planner and targeted marketing manager.

Here we examine her relationship, along with many other interesting insights into her own and professional life. How about examining it more carefully?

What’s the Time for Butterfly Rose Oldham? Youth Life
Starting around 2021, Butterfly, who also goes by the name B Fly Rose, will be 22 years old. He was born on October 19, 1998 in Los Angeles, California, USA. As his identity suggests, Oldham is African-American and a resident of America.

Butterfly and her sister Aja Bleu Oldham, born in 1990 Walk 16, spent their childhood in their native Los Angeles. In 2010, Aja Bleu graduated from The College of Paris in France with a four-year liberal arts degree in Brain studies and History of Craftsmanship. She headed to The New School in Manhattan to focus on brain science and composing.

As for her work history, AjaBleu currently works as chief marketing officer at Bernstein Monetary Administrations Inc. She served as a marketing tactician for Kimberly Elise Normal Living, a blog and newsletter.

Why is Oldham’s Butterfly Rose Important?
Butterfly, the next child of entertainer Kimberly Elise, appreciates widespread fame. The famous kid currently gives the impression that he is more devoted to his studies than any particular act of expertise. In any case, Butterfly and her mother co-wrote the digital book “Wavy Radiance” in February 2016. The main focus of the book is hair growth, support and assurance.

In any case, Butterfly’s mother, Kimberly, has a prolific work in media outlets. Following her appearance in the feature film Set It Off in 1996, the artist broke through in 1998 with an infamous role in Dearest.

Elise also appeared in other famous movies like Dope, John Q., Journal of a Disstraught Person of color and others. Likewise, it was added to Programs. The entertainer appeared on the CBS crime drama series Near and Dear from 2005-07.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s family separation
On October 20, 1989, Kimberly and Maurice Clifton Oldham and her family made a promise to each other. The couple exchanged promises at the mysterious wedding ceremony held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The couple separated in 2005 after sixteen years of marriage.

Some time after their separation, his father died.

May 17, 2007 was the death of Maurice Oldham. “A huge pile of blood” ensured his life. Agape Global Afterlife Center held a memorial service for him nine days after his death.

Born in New Jersey on December 30, 1958, Oldham, a widely read man, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Rider School Trenton, New Jersey. He then attended Atlanta College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he earned an MBA.

As for his business, Maurice owned M Talent Photography and took photographs.

Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s boyfriend?
Oldham has been dating Kashan Jabari Fields, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, for nearly two years. On November 20, 2019, she shared on Facebook that she and Kashan were dating. From then on, the two stayed together while maintaining a reasonably close connection.

Butterfly’s lover, Fields, works at Edge Virginia in Norfolk, Virginia, then again. She attended Kempsville Middle School before enrolling at Western Branch Middle School. Kashan later accepted his certificate from Virginia State College.

Full Value
It is unknown exactly how much Butterfly Rose Oldham is worth. Butterfly’s mother, an entertainer, is believed to be worth $2 million as of now.

Web Based Entertainment
Oldham is dynamic on Instagram and Facebook. He has around 4,000 Instagram followers. He regularly offers family photos through online entertainment.