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Henry Chang-Yu Lee is a notable Chinese-American criminology researcher who has made major commitments to the discipline. He founded the Henry C. Lee Foundation for Criminological Science, affiliated with the College of New Shelter. He has contributed to various important cases throughout his career. In any case, in July 2023, a government court found that Lee had fabricated evidence, leading to the absurd sentencing of the two teenagers to 30 years in prison.

Total assets of Henry Chang-Yu Lee
The total assets expected from Chinese-American criminology researcher Henry Chang-Yu Lee’s work on the most notable cases ever, such as the OJ Simpson preliminary hearing and the JonBenét Ramsey murder case, are expected to be $10 million. Lee has a lot of involvement, working with the FBI, New York City Police Department and Connecticut State Police.

Be born 22 November 1938 (85 years old)
Rugao, Jiangsu, China
Citizenship Taiwan
United States of America
Spouse(s) Margaret Lee (m. 1962 – death 2017)
Xiaping Jiang (m. 2018)
attended school Central Police College (Police Science)
John Jay College (BS)
New York University (Master’s, PhD)
Job forensic scientist

His total assets have expanded significantly due to his work as a scientific researcher and expert on several domestic and worldwide cases. Despite his measurable work, Lee has made significant progress as an essayist and TV character.

His popular books “Crime Scene Investigation Study” and “Legal Science: Individual Journey” likewise contributed to his financial success. Henry Chang-Yu Lee’s total assets are estimated to increase in the coming years. Thanks to his consistent work as a criminological researcher, creative and diverse enterprises, he will soon be among the wealthiest people.

As he remains an engaged and popular figure in the world of criminology, he will likely continue to gain clarity and achieve potential, establishing his position as perhaps the most notable figure in the scientific field.

Profession of Henry Chang-Yu Lee
He rose to the position of captain while serving as a police officer in Taiwan, where Henry Chang-Yu Lee began his extraordinary career in measurable science. After coming to the United States in 1965, Chang completed his studies at the John Jay School of Law Enforcement and began working as a scientific investigator for the New York City Police Department. He joined the Connecticut State Police in 1978 as Chief Criminalist and Head of the State Police Legal Laboratory, marking the beginning of his 22-year career.

During this time, he handled major cases including the JonBenét Ramsey murder and the OJ Simpson preliminary hearing. Despite his mastery of criminology, Lee is a notable author of books such as “Scientific Science: The Individual Journey.” He’s a remarkable face, appearing in narratives like “Scientific Record” and network shows like “CSI: Crime Location Investigation.”

He also founded the prestigious Henry C. Lee Organization for Jurisprudence, a research and demonstration endowment of the College of New Sanctuary, in 1996. Lee has won numerous awards and is inducted into prestigious associations such as the Public Science Foundation and the American Institute of Criminological Sciences. He was also awarded the FBI’s William F. Riley Grant. Both the legal academic domestic field and the law enforcement framework have benefited from his enduring achievements.

Chang-Yu Lee Family, Henry
Henry Chang-Yu Lee’s family fundamentally influenced the two’s lives and careers. He married Margaret Lee (née Wu) in 1962 and died in 2017. He had two children with him, named Stanley and Sherry. Margaret was not only Lee’s caring friend, but also a firm supporter of his work in criminology.

He participated in a successful tenure as an educator and scientist at the Department of Veterans Affairs Clinical Center in West Sanctuary, Connecticut. Lee’s two youngsters each excelled in their respective fields. Sherry Lee is a paralegal who has demonstrated her expertise and dedication by handling a variety of important cases.

Stanley Lee, on the other hand, tried different things in his business venture and signed several fruitful events as a demonstration of his ambition and fitness. Lee is delighted for all four of his grandchildren to win in their chosen districts. One grandchild shows strengths in science, while the other shows interest in music.

As they prosper, they continue the tradition of their distinguished family. Lee praised the enduring strength and support of his loved ones throughout his career. Their relentless presence and support laid the foundation for the advancement of his profession as a scientific researcher. Henry Chang-Yu Lee will be constantly energetic about their friendship and mutual assistance.