Who is Ibrahim Bharmal? Harvard graduate assaults Israeli student on campus

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Who is Ibrahim Bharmal? Harvard graduate assaults Israeli student on campus

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During a “die in” demonstration, an Israeli first-year student at Harvard Business School was pushed and harassed.
The teenager can be heard pleading, “don’t grab me,” in the Washington Free Beacon-reviewed footage of the event.
Ibrahim Bharmal, a law student and Harvard Law Review member, was one of the attackers.

A first-year Israeli student was violently assaulted and attacked by demonstrators at Harvard Business School during a “die in” demonstration against Israel’s punitive strikes against Hamas. The student was seen on camera begging them not to harm him and claiming that he lives there throughout the event, which was recorded. He reported being assaulted and pushed while attempting to record the demonstrators on camera with his phone.

An anonymous report was filed with the FBI, identifying two of the individuals involved as Harvard University graduate students.

Who is Ibrahim Bharmal?

The first was Ibrahim Bharmal, a law student and member of the Harvard Law Review; the second was Elom Tettey Tamaklo, a graduate student in theology who proctored Harvard undergraduate students. A request for comment was not answered by Tamaklo or Bharmal.

It is unknown how Harvard University intends to handle the matter despite the fact that the event was reported to the police department. Requests for comments were not answered by Claudine Gay, president of Harvard University, or Jana Kierstead, executive director of the school’s MBA program.

This is the most recent in a string of confrontations at Harvard that have arisen since Hamas’ terrorist actions and the growing anti-Semitism on campus. Concerns over the university’s position on these matters have been expressed by a few benefactors, among them Seth Klarman. Former college officials like Larry Summers have criticized Harvard president Claudine Gay for her remarks, which did not denounce the opinions of specific student organizations. As a result, several benefactors have severed their connections with the university.

Concerns have been raised by Jewish officials and students over Harvard’s apparent lack of reactivity to statements made in opposition to Israel and the Jewish community. The founder and head of Harvard’s Chabad, Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, expressed worries over the institution’s stance, drawing comparisons to previous measures against single-gender Final Clubs while permitting student groups with divisive ideologies to continue their association with the university.

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