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Ibrahim ‘Hamas Crisis Actor

A social media influencer from Gaza, infamously referred to as the Hamas Crisis Actor, is apparently very active on TikTok

Hamas Crisis Actor reportedly shared video of rocket barrage from Gaza towards Israel
The Hamas Crisis Actor then shared a video in which Hamas terrorists were seen launching an attack on Israel on October 7.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a sharp divide in global public opinion. While one side supports Israel’s right to self-defense and calls Hamas a terrorist organization, the other side sees Hamas as a resistance force and defends “Free Palestine”. This division created a clear divide between those who were pro-Palestinian and those who were pro-Israel. The Israel-Hamas conflict has become a prime example of “information warfare,” with both sides sharing videos and making allegations, often accusing each other of committing war crimes. As a result, social media users are left confused and have a hard time distinguishing what is true and what is a lie.

Who is TikToker Ibrahim?

Ibrahim, who recently claimed to be from Gaza, has been accused of spreading propaganda videos to tarnish Israel’s image. Dubbed the “Hamas Crisis Actor”, he is said to be a social media influencer active on TikTok. He shared a video showing a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. He then released another video showing Hamas militants attacking Israel on October 7. He later shared a video in which he appeared horrified, claiming that his apartment had been hit by Israeli missiles.

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