Jimena Valle Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Jimena Valle Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Gibby is the stage name used by Mexican YouTuber Jimena Valle. His YouTube channel, Gibby, where he posts funny productions, challenge recordings, video blogs and Q&A recordings, has more than 12.1 million supporters.

He is famous for his authority account gibbyjime_, which has around 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Gibby (GibbyJime), who tweets frequently, has almost 90 thousand followers. He is also very well known on Facebook, with approximately 470 thousand followers under his Gibby account.

Gibby YouTuber Edad and Wikipedia: How Old is YouTuber Duygu?
Gibby was 16 years old in 2023 and was born on May 25, 2007 in Colima, Mexico. Well-known YouTuber Gibby falls short on the actual Wikipedia article. Gibby launched his own YouTube channel with a similar name in August 2014. His most memorable video is classified as “Mi Presentación!!!:D”. She started publishing video blogs, recipe examples and style-related recordings on her channel. He then began sharing entertaining representations through online entertainment, which proved to be an instant hit.

Likewise, thanks to the massive success of his channel, he has achieved undoubted quality as one of YouTube’s most notable video producers. Gibby, who surpassed 10 million supporters in his guidance in 2020, was awarded the Jewelery Maker Grant. Gibby has become even more notable due to his intriguing representations on TikTok. He continues to have a significant following on Instagram, positioning himself as one of the strongest forces in the scene.

Meet Gibby’s Friends and Grudges
Gibby was born to his parents in Colima, Mexico, on May 25, 2007. He has a sister named Mara and a brother named Gustavo. His relatives often attract attention on his YouTube channel. Gibby’s mother Angélica died in 2019. Gemini is his zodiac sign. In a clever Q&A video, Gibby revealed he was enjoying the chance to watch scary motion pictures. He values ​​British vocalist and songwriter Louis Tomlinson.

He loves playing computer games, especially online games like Roblox. “Anne with an E”, “The 100” and “More Stranger Things” are some of her top television series. When asked to describe himself in three words, he replied: charming, quirky, and well-intentioned. Being around his mother, Gibby believed that he was the ideal, a good example. He also regularly films his family, who are vital to him. He values ​​pets and considers himself a dog person.

Gibby YouTube Tour
Many people want to know about Gibby’s YouTube experience, as he is one of Mexico’s top video producers and has over 10 million supporters on his channel. Despite his youth, the aforementioned shows that if he keeps up his ongoing pace, he could beat the rest of the Mexican YouTubers in terms of supporters.

Although he had a short but influential career, he began his visit to Mexico with the melodic “Gibby La Aventura”. It’s important to note that Gibby is a content creator who makes feature films specifically aimed at youth ages 10-13. In his July 2016 video “Imitando YouTubers”, Gibby impersonated another well-known YouTuber, Juanpa Zurita.

He was accepted into Kids’ Decision Grants in 2017 and Eliot Grants in 2016. Gibby was likewise a YouTuber Favorita nominee at the 2017 Children’s Decision Grants in Mexico. Moreover, more than 1.7 million instagram Supporters under the username gibbyjime_. In June 2020, Gibby was granted Gemstone YouTube Play Button permission.