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Colombian entertainer Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar was caught dead in an equipped robbery

He was found dead with many injuries in La Playita in Tuluá, Colombia.
Tovar rose to prominence as a co-showrunner in the 2020 Netflix unique film Dogwashers.

Colombian entertainer Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar, who gained respect for his work on a Netflix series, was found tragically dead in what appeared to be the result of an equipped burglary, according to neighborhood media.

Kevin Muñoz was found dead in La Playita in Tuluá, Colombia, with many injuries and his wrists and feet bound. According to initial reports, he may have been beaten and hounded with a cleaver before dying from his injuries.

Who was Kevin Tovar?

Kevin Tovar was 23 years old. From the beginning of his promising career, Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar stood out as a supporting entertainer in the 2020 Netflix unique film “Lavaperros/Dogwashers”. This Argentinian-Colombian dark parody show, coordinated by Carlos Moreno, showcased his talents.

Muñoz continued to expand his acting career with a supporting role in the Apple television series “Reverberation 3” and starring in an episode of the Colombian television show “Turbia.” Strikingly, “Turbia” looks at the challenges faced by two networks, one in good condition and the other in ruins, in adapting to water scarcity during a long dry season.

A mature 19-year-old suspect was imprisoned on suspicion of murder, comparable to the less-than-ideal death of Colombian entertainer Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar. The name of the suspect was not disclosed by experts.

Nicolás said: “The Valle Police Department reports that, thanks to the appropriate data given by the residents of the area, a 19-year-old elderly person who was allegedly involved in the unintentional murder of the famous entertainer of the Colombian film, Kevin Andres Muñoz Tovar, was apprehended.” Suárez, the neighborhood police chief, is in a meeting with the media nearby. “The injured later left the area, but with the help of local data, one of them was caught.”

The entertainer’s supporters began sharing their sympathy for him through virtual entertainment. One fan said: “It is with great sadness that we learn of the unfortunate passing of Netflix entertainer Kevin Muñoz. His talent lit up the screen in Netflix’s Lavaperros and his promising career was halted in a stunning episode.”