Who is Kinneret Hamburger? British law student called up to fight for Israel

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Who is Kinneret Hamburger? British law student called up to fight for Israel

A British law student who was enlisted in the Israeli army has declared her willingness to give her life in defense of both her nation and “all of humanity.”

Kinneret Hamburger is one of the 300,000 individuals called up to battle the Hamas, twenty percent of them are women.

The terrorist group is a menace to the whole Western world as well as Israel, the IDF officer said.

Who is Kinneret Hamburger

The granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, Kinneret claims that she is fighting ‘not only for my life, but for everyone who cherishes life’.

She has kinfolk in Manchester and Cricklewood, North London, and is an avid Manchester United supporter.

Two other reservists who have been called up to battle are her elder brother and his spouse.

The air raid siren woke up the second-year law student in October as she and her family were vacationing at a hotel.

It was the day before she was supposed to move into a new apartment that she suddenly got a message summoning her “to base.”

She didn’t even pack her suitcase before getting into her vehicle.

According to the Sun, Kinneret’s mother Maryon, a 54-year-old textile engineer, met her 56-year-old father Carl while attending Manchester University.

After separating, they each relocated to Israel on their own. After getting married, they had four kids—three boys and one girl, Kinneret.

She still enjoys traveling to London to shop on Oxford Street and to bring back scones and Cadbury’s chocolate.

Called Up to Fight For Israel

She acknowledged that the war effort left her with little time for emotional outbursts, in-depth talks with her parents, or even the mourning of a friend who lost his life in the days after October 7; she promises to do all of these things when they have “won the war.”

Kinneret is motivated to protect her nation, which she claims is surrounded by politicians that educate the future generation to want “me and my fellow Jews dead.” She is proud to serve in the IDF.

Adding that she ‘had no option’ and that Hamas had begun the battle, she said without hesitation that she would pull the trigger of her pistol if necessary.

She pointed to western leaders

She cited the travel to Israel by prominent Western figures such as Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden as proof of their mutual concern that the war may extend to the West.

Although expressing empathy for the humanitarian situation in Gaza, the speaker also said that some of the protestors in the UK and other western nations who support Palestine are motivated by anti-Semitism.

According to her, antisemitism may be concealed by anti-zionism, or antagonism to the Jewish state.

Concern has been raised by pro-Palestine protests in central London due to antisemitic signs and calls for “jihad.”

Even once she becomes qualified to practice law, Kinneret remarked that she would always consider it an honor to serve her nation.

“That’s who I am,” she said.

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