Who is Paul Thijssen Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Who is Paul Thijssen Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Lilie James, a beloved water polo coach at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia, was twenty-one years old when she passed away.

Her life was brutally cut short on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, when her corpse was found with several indications of trauma in the school gymnasium bathroom.

A sad series of events began when she failed to come home before midnight, prompting her father to file a missing person’s report. The police have officially declared her death to be a homicide and are now conducting a thorough investigation.

While the authorities have not yet identified a key suspect in this heartbreaking case, they are aggressively searching for Paul Thijssen, a 24-year-old former student and the aforementioned institution’s sports captain.

The question “Has Paul Thijssen been captured or is he still missing?” continues to be asked. Here is the present state of knowledge.

Is Paul Thijssen, the suspected murderer of Lilie James, in custody or missing?

Paul Thijssen, a key player in the Lilie James murder inquiry, has been added to the list of those wanted by the authorities.

He was allegedly a former St. Andrew’s student, coach, and sports assistant. Prior to Lilie’s tragic death, he had been seeing her romantically for the previous five weeks.

Lilie has been listed as missing since her last known sighting, which occurred on school property with Paul.

The police have launched a search to find him, focusing their efforts on the Vaucluse area’s Diamond Head Reserve, where they reportedly discovered his silver Lexus and potential evidence.

In addition, officials are keen to question this Dutch-born coach in relation to Lilie James’s murder, and a second crime scene has been set up at The Gap in Vaucluse.

Furthermore, Paul finished his high school education in 2017 at St. Andrew’s, where he was chosen as the athletics captain.

Interestingly, the police found no evidence that Paul and Lilie had ever abused one another at home.

The mystery surrounding this concerning case has grown with the discovery of “an item linked to the homicide,” as verified by Detective Superintendent Martin Fileman in the Vaucluse district.

To make things more difficult in the hunt for Paul Thijssen, a silver Lexus connected to him was also hauled away from the scene.

Lilie James was discovered dead with a head injury in the school restroom

.The unfortunate event happened at Sydney’s St Andrew’s Cathedral School, when Lilie James, a young female sports coach, was kidnapped and discovered with severe head injuries in a school lavatory.

In response to a family member’s fear for her safety, police enforcement officials contacted just before midnight on Wednesday.

Law enforcement officers met renowned water polo coach Lilie James, who is in her early twenties, in the gymnasium’s adjacent lavatory.

There is no question that her death was caused by murder because of the extent of her head injuries, which prompted an inquiry that has enthralled the whole town.

As the investigation into the murder of Lilie James continues, the police are committed to finding Paul Thijssen’s location.

The current issue has resulted in the regrettable death of a minor and casts a shadow over the St. Andrew’s Cathedral School community and the greater Sydney area, which is waiting impatiently for remedies to bring justice and closure to the area.

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