Who is Sarah Jama? politician calls rape of Israeli women ‘misinformation’

Alice Wallin

Who is Sarah Jama? politician calls rape of Israeli women ‘misinformation’

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  • Jama was removed from NDP council on October 23, 2023
  • Jama was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility
  • Jama helped establish the Ontario Handicap Equity Organization in September 2018

A striking video has emerged in which Sarah Jama questions the attack on Israeli women on October 7. He claims that the “Zionist campaign” is exerting influence to force the entire government machinery to support what he calls “deception”.

Who is Sarah Jama?

Sarah Jama is a Canadian government official and disability freedoms lobbyist. Walk has been a Joint Parliamentary (MPP) Individual for Hamilton Center since 2023. Originally associated with the Ontario New Leftist faction (NDP), Jama was removed from the NDP caucus on October 23, 2023. Agree with the party’s pioneer, Marit Stiles, on the unilateral activities and rhetoric regarding the 2023 Israel-Hamas war. Jama continues to serve as an autonomous MPP in the legislature regardless of his impeachment.

Prior to his political role, Jama helped establish the Ontario Handicap Equity Organization and served as its chief overseer. Born with cerebral palsy and equipped with a wheelchair for versatility, she made herself comfortable in Hamilton, Ontario, after leaving McMaster College with a degree in sociology. Somalia’s Jama has earned respect for her activism, being named among Hamilton’s “most fascinating individuals” by the CBC in 2016.

Jama has a history of standing out with promotion, having helped establish the Ontario Handicap Equity Organization in 2018. Most recently, she served as Ontario chief for Public Educator Relations for Disability Sub-Research and contributed articles on disability equity issues to Youthful’s magazine, Dissident Youth. Canadian Socialist Class.

In 2021, Jama helped launch the group of people Promoting Hamilton Camping, focusing on access to affordable housing. Her activism came to attention when she was caught during an opposition protest against their deportation from impoverished camps, having to deal with penalties that were later lifted after she entered an accommodation bond.

Despite controversies during his political mission, including statements about Israel as a politically sanctioned apartheid state, Jama has been considered as the presumptive NDP candidate for Hamilton Place by political decision in 2022. Walk won the political race in 2023 but faced analysis for his remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas struggle in October 2023. This led to him being reprimanded by the council and expelled from the NDP caucus for alleged unilateral activities and breaking of consensus by party initiative.

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