Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm? Muslim bus driver killed by Hamas in October 7

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Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm? Muslim bus driver killed by Hamas in October 7

Abu Suheyb At an Israeli music event, a deadly assault claimed the life of Amar al-Razm, a Muslim bus driver.
Hamas terrorists converted the Tribe of Nova event into Israel’s worst civilian slaughter, targeting attendees.
Israel’s rescue agency Zaka collected approximately 260 dead, demonstrating the attack’s indiscriminate character.

Suheyb al-Razm, a Muslim bus driver, was killed in the horrific Hamas assault at the Tribe of Nova music festival.

Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm?

On October 7, Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, a Muslim bus driver from East Jerusalem, was brutally murdered during a horrific assault on an outdoor music event close to the Gaza border. The music event Tribe of Nova turned into one of the worst massacres of civilians in Israeli history.

Thousands of young men and women gathered on a large field in southern Israel to enjoy electronic music on a sunny day, marking the beginning of the festival. Just as partygoers were getting down to the sounds of the headlining DJ, air raid sirens sounded, signaling the beginning of a nightmare.

As rockets flew above, the crowd was seized with panic. A bus driver hired to transport youths to and from the event, Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, was swept up in the chaos. Several event attendees reportedly were shot while frantically seeking safety. Their bewilderment and terror were heightened by the fact that many were drunk or high on narcotics.

Festival attendees were attacked by militants from Hamas who had infiltrated Israel from Gaza. The scenario worsened as more partygoers were assaulted. The festival grounds’ Israeli residents were also attacked, which resulted to the horrific loss of many lives and the capture of several individuals, including the old and disabled.

At least 260 dead were found by Israel’s rescue agency Zaka during the horrifying toll that was discovered during rescue operations.

Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm’s terrible fate serves as an example of the attack’s indiscriminate nature, which engulfed victims from all walks of life in a horrifying encounter. The event, which started off as a joyous celebration of music, ended in a devastating accident that affected the whole nation.

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