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Charles Ivy recognized cutting and pyromania by the Daytona Ocean

Sad incident killed mother and 10-month-old child
Police investigate unacceptable crimes without any clear justification

Daytona Oceanside Police have identified 34-year-old Charles Leon Ivy as the suspect in the shooting and wounding that claimed the lives of two people.

Who is Charles Leon Ivy?

In a chilling incident on Daytona’s Ocean Side, 34-year-old Charles Leon Ivy is now the focus of a heartbreaking case involving slashing and illegal fire that led to the death of 30-year-old mother Den’Jah Moore. and her 10-month-old child. The grim situation came to light as authorities determined that the death toll following a house fire on Tuesday was over.

Daytona Oceanside Police Chief Jakari Youthful revealed at a news conference that Ivy had to deal with serious criminal charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and a charge of setting fire. Youngful called the case one of the “most appalling and egregious violations” he has encountered in his entire career.

The misfortune did not end with loss of life. Two other youngsters, ages 4 and 5, figured out how to escape the fire but are now in normal condition and intubated at the medical clinic. The young man emphasized that his injuries were entirely due to being left to die in the fire.

The police chief stated that experts were called to save the existence of the surviving children and brought up that there was no reasonable intention behind this terrible incident. It was claimed that Ivy, known as the father of the more established children, was followed to the scene of the crime via traffic cameras and was in possession of the injured person’s mobile phone.

Court archives have revealed alarming information about the scene of the crime, with firefighters finding various starting locations for the fire. Although Ivy did not admit guilt, the evidence, including her arrival at the scene and her possession of the victim’s phone, is unimportant, according to Youthful.

Currently being held without bail, Ivy must deal with charges of premeditated first-degree murder, attempted criminal homicide, and arson. The police boss expressed the seriousness of the situation and underlined that there was no clear intention. As the investigation begins, the local area along the Daytona Ocean is grappling with the consequences of what is arguably the most painful and distressing event in recent memory.