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Argentinian entertainer Chino Darin (32) was given to his lover, Spanish entertainer Ursula Corbero. The two have been dating since around 2016 and have been open about their enthusiastic relationship.

Numerous fans are interested in the key to the lasting feelings of Chino and Ursula, considering how long this feeling lasts. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about fascinating fan stories!

2016: The Most Memorable Meeting of Ursula Corbero and Chino Darin
Chino met his future girlfriend Ursula Corbero in 2016, during the editing of the Spanish TV series La embajada. In the show, Darin played Carlos Guillén while Corbero played Ester Salinas.

Be born 11 August 1989 (34 years old)

Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Catalonia, Spain

Job Actress
active years 2002–present
Partners) Chino Darín

From then on they were in a caring organization. Moreover, the couple occasionally flaunts their steamy love through web-based entertainment. Essentially, on August 30, 2016, Chino instagram Him and his better half during their escape to Cerro Catedral in Argentina.

The duo likewise appeared in the Madame Figaro advertising commercial, which aired in the development of Le Figaro in September of the same year.

Additionally, Chino sent a heartfelt birthday message to Ursula on August 11, 2019. instagram. With an inscription for the image,

“I have so much respect for the nuclear bomb now. ❤️ Happy birthday to @ursulolita!

Chino Darin wished his girlfriend Úrsula Corberó a happy birthday.

They have all the signs of maintaining a harmonious association of individual and expert.

Chino Darin spoke candidly about his relationship with Ursula during his meeting with Lady Madame Figaro. He also introduced the idea of ​​his deep-rooted relationship with Ursula Corbero.

We can grasp each other with just one look. This is the result of them developing closer together and better. We love doing things together as friends. Despite these photos

It was an extraordinary discovery! He exudes great energy and is fun, well-mannered and nice… He makes you giggle with his jokes and sayings and generally feels great. As an expert, I care about it.

Having a busy schedule is great, but it leads to a relationship that will make the other couple jealous. Even at this point, they seem, by all accounts, more grounded than ever in recent memory.

So What Does Ursula Surprise Chino Darin The Most?
When he and “Lady Madame Figaro” were asked what surprised them most around someone else when they first started dating,

I find it remarkable that Örsula has the energy to manage the difficult points or the things she hates. Actually, we didn’t have more minutes, but there is an inner fire in him, a relentless fire. This is among his most dazzling highlights. She is an amazing lady.

Corbero is a spirited woman with an innate ability to manage problematic circumstances.

Did Chino decide to marry Ursula?
That being the case right now, it seems some people need to keep up with their emotions. Right now, time is on their side to disconnect. Chino hasn’t said anything about marrying his fiancée, just as his fiancée has had several hookups before, so they planned to date for a while before focusing on each other.

Both Chino and his lover Ursula have a deep friendship towards the creatures. Her two puppies are named Marón and Kenya, and Ursula has a dog named Lolita.

They often post amazing photos of themselves with their dogs through virtual entertainment.

Chino Darin’s Previous Links
Previously entertainer Chino Darin had several relationships with big names. Argentinian entertainer Calu Rivero, who is now Darin’s ex, was sincerely committed to Darin in 2013.

Chino Darin and her ex Calu Rivero in broad daylight

According to sources, the duo met at a social event attended by their regular colleagues in late 2012. Eventually the two began dating and it turned out that they were particularly attracted to each other.

In a meeting with VOS, the artist examined her relationship with Calu.

After all, there is nothing left to be angry about. While some couples are extremely close, this is not the case for us. Strengthening our bonds as lovers has nothing to do with being stuck day in and day out, as I’d like to think.

Their energy didn’t last long, though, and gradually faded away towards the end of 2013.

Previously, Darin also had an intimate connection with Magui Bravi and Maypi Delgado.