Who is Lallia Allali? San Diego Imam’s Taha Hassane Wife, Anti-semitic post amidst Israel-Palestine conflict

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Who is Lallia Allali? San Diego Imam’s Taha Hassane Wife, Anti-semitic post amidst Israel-Palestine conflict

Lallia Allali, the wife of Imam Taha Hassane, recently posted something on Facebook that went viral.
Ali, who is also the local head of the Palestinian Youth Movement, wrote an anti-Semitic article.

Who is Lallia Allali?

Lallia Allali
Lallia Allali 

Lallia Allali, the spouse of Imam Taha Hassane from the Islamic Center of San Diego, recently shared a Facebook post that went viral and shocked many. The tweet included a graphic depicting a Jewish celebrity slaughtering infants, with the words “the devil is killing” written at the bottom.

Career & Background

In addition to being a member of The San Diego Union-Tribune Community Advisory Board, Lallia Allali coaches leaders. Since her children started school, Lallia has been a steadfast supporter of parental participation in the SDUSD system and high standards for education. Her strong belief is that every kid should get an education in a secure and supportive setting. She has been a resolute advocate for addressing bullying, enhancing educational environments, and exposing prejudice directed against the Muslim student body. Her most recent achievement is the production and publication of “Born Here,” a stunning picture essay that dispels readers’ stereotypes about Muslim American living. Numerous readers praised the book when it was launched during the 2019 DEEP Summer Reading series.

The Palestinian Youth Movement’s local leader, Lallia Allali, has gained a lot of notoriety lately because of her connection to the continuing anti-Israel demonstrations that have been taking place around the country in recent weeks.

Israel began an attack against Hamas on October 7, after the militants massacred over 1,400 people, most of them civilians, in southern Israel. “The most devastating massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust,” according to US President Joe Biden, is how he described this atrocity.

However, the situation has left Gaza in complete darkness, with little supplies and almost nonexistent relief efforts. Concerns regarding the safety and security of bystanders caught in the crossfire are becoming more widespread as the war intensifies.

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