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Lawrence Jones convicted of physically assaulting two women

Jones denied the allegations but was charged today with two counts.
He is the organizer behind Manchester tech organization UK Quick.

Lawrence Jones, the organizer behind UK Quick, was found to be legitimately at fault for attacking two women. The 55-year-old man made an irresponsible plea regarding two assault charges made by two different women.

Investigators told a preliminary hearing at Manchester Crown Court that Jones saw the main complainant as a “significant nuisance” and then gave her a shot and some red wine before giving her a chase.

They added that he carefully directed her to inhale from a prescription cup filled with a reasonable liquid before physically assaulting the next complainant. Jones denied the allegations but was today charged with two offences.

Who is Lawrence Jones?

Lawrence Jones is 55 years old. He is the organizer behind Manchester tech organization UK Quick. He lives on Creeks Drive in Solidness Stables. Jones was playing piano in bars and hostels around the city in the 1990s. He was awarded an MBE in 2015.

He was accused of physically manhandling two women but pleaded not guilty throughout the pre-screening. In any event, after three weeks of preliminary review, the allegations were eventually found to be legitimately flawed.

The jury unanimously found Lawrence Jones responsible for two assault charges. He will be condemned on Friday, December 1.

It was revealed during a preliminary hearing at Manchester Crown Court that Jones, who was in his 20s at the time, saw a woman as a “troublemaker” and then pursued her after sharing red wine and a drink. . He later physically assaulted another lady in her flat, praising her appearance before advising her to take a whiff from a prescription box filled with the simple substance.

While their drug transportation strategies may have been different, that’s what the trial ensured; the effect was something similar, leaving the two women shocked and somewhat knowledgeable but incapable of responding, so Jones “dealed” with the attacks.

The accusations surfaced when the two ladies approached each other independently in 2020 and 2021.