Who is Nikita Dragun Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Who is Nikita Dragun Wiki, Bio, Latest Update, Net Worth, Family, Nationality, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

American cosmetics master and virtual entertainment VIP Nikita Dragun On YouTube it is mostly dynamic and instagram. Moreover, Dragun stands out for being realistic about his own life. Dragun has done nothing about his connections and change of orientation through web-based entertainment.

Despite his virtual entertainment activity, Nikita’s love devotion is often truly newsworthy. She was once associated with Michael Yerger. So what can be said about Nikita Dragun’s girlfriend in 2021?

Rumors from far and wide indicate that she will be dating a style maker in 2020. She is also clearly dating Tony Lopez, a well-known TikTok client. Did they date anyone at any point? Find every edit here!

Be born January 31, 1996 (27 years old)


Nationality American
active years 2014–present
Species) Beauty, vlog, makeup
subscribers 3.51 million
Total views 300 million

Who is Nikita Dragun dating in 2021?
Towards the beginning of 2021, model and web-based entertainment mogul Nikita was speculated to be dating TikToker Alejandro Rosario. Nikita, who turned 25 in January 2021, shyly said under one of Alejandro’s photos, which cleared up the rumors about his problems. “You’re 18 now, right? … looking for a friend,” she said in a photo posted shortly after the TikToker turned eighteen. Many of them were seen making flirty comments under each other’s photos from time to time.

Alejandro Rosario, if you are unaware, is a major TikTok superstar who has amassed over 5.5 million followers. Moreover, Dragun encouraged her to go to his charming 25th birthday celebration party, where he distributed the photos he took together on his Instagram stories. The duo later became the subject of a sentimental gossip while feasting together in Los Angeles.

But unfortunately, Nikita passed on any opportunity for emotion by assuring in February 2021 that she and the famous TikToker were “just friends.”

Did Stobbe and Dragun Keep Their Appointments?
Nikita Dragun never hid his dating status from people in general. She is open about her contacts and past lovers on her Instagram and YouTube communications.

Essentially, in July 2020, there were some rumors that Dragun was dating web-based entertainment character Pursue Stobbe. After Pursue posted a photo of himself and Nikita relaxing by the pool, rumors about their relationship began to spread online. When their supporters saw the post at the beginning of July, they thought there was something going on between them.

Moreover, Nikita shared a photo of herself during her Miami getaway. Also, the producer of Dragun Excellence remembered a burning discharge emoticon in the description field of one of Pursue’s paintings.

Moreover, the fact that Nikita gave herself an image half a month after her contentious tweet about her ex-boyfriend Michael Yerger confirms their relationship.

Nikita kind of gave Michael and his better half Daisy a warning in her June 15 tweet.

But all we fans can do is guess, other than someone approaching the meeting with direct approval.

Tony Lopez and Nikita: Just Comrades or More?
Nikita Dragun made news about her relationship with Tony Lopez, a famous TikTok client, in June 2020. Dragun would be regularly visible on his Instagram feed, hugging the TikToker.

The duo even tagged each other in several online entertainment posts. Moreover, Nikita recently shared a photo of herself wearing a piece of jewelry with Lopez’s name on it, further solidifying their flirtatious relationship. It was obvious from the exercises that fans were asked to accept that they were indeed dating.

However, Dragun and Lopez do not appear to be in a relationship. When we looked carefully at Dragun’s online entertainment posts, we saw that Nikita and Tony were not sincerely involved in this incident.

On June 10, Nikita revealed to The Hollywood Fix that her friendship with Lopez isn’t romantic at all. “We’re friends in general. We’re just friends, that’s all,” Dragun pointed out.

Michael Yerger and Nikita Dragun: Previous Flames’ Relationship
Nikita recently revealed that she was with model Michael for quite a long time before they broke up. Since he was reluctant to reveal his sexual side at first, their relationship created the opportunity for growth, she assured.

However, in the long run, she began to warm up to Yerger, and Yerger reciprocated her feelings. Things started to get serious as the former couple inevitably got physical.

“That’s when everything changed and we really had to figure out what it was,” the lady noted. After recording my Dragun Excellence campaign, I reached the top.

Following the couple’s public presentation, Michael began receiving tons of analysis from fans. Meanwhile, the two continued their relationship regardless of public reaction.

At this point he even recorded a Q&A video with his accomplice. In the video, their science looks extremely strange. It’s clear now that the two are in love with each other.

Back then, Dragun ensured that relatively few people cared about her since she turned into a lady; Except Michael. He said that each of his past loving accomplices treated him like a side chick, which is why many of his previous connections ended.

For what reason did Nikita and Michael break up?
Nikita said that her and Michael’s relationship has always been solid when things started going bad. This happened after Dragun revealed that his accomplice was using him to supplement his own profession. He admitted on camera:

“The only thing I need is for this not to be something I have to bargain for. There have been connections, especially this time, when I felt like I couldn’t stop thinking about what could happen assuming I was basically ‘normal’.”

Nikita never felt the same way about Michael after that. They broke up in 2019.

As Nikita noted, after the breakup he came to the understanding that no one could ever truly love him. Perhaps this is the explanation for how he found out how to value himself before.

Michael Yerger still assured he wouldn’t date Nikita: A toxic relationship?

Michael presented his various incidents on Instagram Stories a few days after Nikita revealed her problem in a 35-minute YouTube video. Michael revealed in his narrative that they never genuinely engaged with the primary point.

Michael Yerger, Nikita Dragun’s previous accomplice.
Nikita’s ex Michael revealed that her feelings were an act. Source Twitter

He said Dragun moved toward him at a bar and talked about featuring him in one of his YouTube recordings. The model also revealed that she would never ask for “clarity and approval” from Dragun.

He said he felt weird but he had to give her a hard kiss and dance for YouTube. She said answering fans’ questions as if they were a real couple was the “sweetheart back and forth” that she considers the scariest experience.

Michael said he slowly made it known to Nikita that he liked her. Then Nikita tells him that he actually adores her.

Additionally, Yerger said he attended numerous meetings and get-togethers with Nikita and subsequently referred to her as “lover” through online entertainment.

Michael’s extensive statement, which he posted on his Instagram Stories, is captured in this little video.

Model Oscar Utierre once dated Nikita Dragun.
Nikita Dragun, unlike most young people during his immaturity, did not flirt. She had never dated anyone before dating model Oscar Utierre. Dragun revealed that she dated Oscar for a while before they broke up.

“Does My Old Cosmetics!” In the YouTube video, Nikita revealed that she and Oscar were friends for a long time before anything came up between them.

Is Bretman Rock Nikita Still a Comrade?
Just in time for 2020, there were numerous reports that Nikita and Bretman Rock were not getting along. In the second episode of the Snapchat series Nikita Unfiltered, several devotees included her in the story, stating: “It was not at all appropriate to see Stone at a birthday celebration after not seeing her for almost” 90 days.

There was no fight between Nikita Dragun and his friend Bretman Rock.

The withdrawal of a useful post by Nikita’s administration with Bretman further escalated the conflict.

Despite all the unofficial chatter, Nikita dispelled the allegations in a tweet, making sense of why she ended her organization with the Rock.

The tweet reads: “Bretman and I are in great shape by the way!!!” It was obviously upsetting to have a backstory that hindered collaboration. Miss Collab will continue to cum. Relax.