Who is Omar Said? Amazon software engineer compares Israel to Nazi Germany

Alice Wallin

Amazon computer programmer compares Israel to Nazi Germany

Omar Said is a computer programmer at Amazon in California
He previously served as Vice-President of Palestine Equity Studies at Toronto Metropolitan College.

Omar Said compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Who is Ömer Said?

Omar Said is a computer programmer at Amazon in California and formerly Vice-President of Palestine Equality Studies at Toronto Metropolitan College. He compared Israel to Nazi Germany and said: “Blaming Hamas for destroying rockets is like blaming a woman for turning away an attacker.”

Different resellers on the Amazon foundation offer a range of products that highlight the “river to ocean” slogan in favor of Palestine, a phrase that some in Jewish groups see as a racist rally call. An investigation conducted by Fox News Computerized uncovered the phrase on things like face masks, shirts, standards, banners, stickers, badges and notebooks.

Despite the expected results of the trademark, Amazon did not provide a quick response to Fox News Advanced’s requests for its proposal for the basis of such a product.

The phrase “Palestine will be free from the river to the ocean” is interpreted contradictorily in various meetings. Although some Jews see it as bigotry and a requirement for the destruction of Israel, numerous Palestinian activists argue that the trademark appeals to the demand for harmony and correspondence due to what they portray as Israel’s long-term military control over millions of Palestinians.

The trademark was recalled to Washington following the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, drawing attention during positive displays towards Palestine around the world. The attack caused huge losses; At least 1,200 people were killed in Israel and approximately 240 were sent back to Gaza as captives; this marked one of the most extreme incidents of brutality against Jews since the Holocaust. Different understandings of the trademark highlight the mind-boggling and contentious nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is reflected in political conversations as well as business circles, as seen in scenes such as Amazon.