Who is Shakeema Koonce? secretary at ABGR studio ripped down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas in NYC

Alice Wallin

Who is Shakeema Koonce? secretary at ABGR studio ripped down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas in NYC

Shakeema Koonce sparks controversy by destroying banners highlighting issues with kidnapped Israelis

The incident unfolded in the midst of Hamas’ horrific attacks in October 2023, causing 1,200 Israelis to cross from the north.
Koonce, known by the pseudonym “Tenebris Gignit”, promoted his activities by highlighting concerns for honest lives

ABGR Studio’s principal secretary, Shakeema Koonce, was spotted by cameras destroying banners aimed at bringing to light the problems of ordinary Israeli citizens kidnapped by Hamas fear mongers. This incident occurred against the background of horrific attacks and atrocities carried out by Hamas on October 7, 2023, resulting in the deaths of north of 1,200 Israelis, the capture of hundreds and the wounding of thousands more.

Who is Shakeema Koonce?
As the video showing Koonce’s activities progressed, questions arose about his experience, his sources of inspiration, and his perspective on the constant struggle. As of November 22, 2023, Koonce is employed as the lead secretary at ABGR Studio, a recording studio aptly contracted as “A Horrendous Decent Record Studio” held in downtown New York, New York.

According to her Clubhouse bio, Koonce describes herself as β€œan essayist/chef/entertainer/beautician/model/artisan living in New York City.” His LinkedIn profile reveals that he left John Jay School, a district of the City College of New York (CUNY), in 2019 with a four-year criminal science certificate

Video of Koonce destroying banners reveals an unusual nickname: “Tenebris Gignit.” This is the name She used when joining the show. The use of the pseudonym adds an interesting layer to the story, leaving room for hypotheses about Koonce’s personality and the intentions behind his activities.

His reaction was captured on camera as the audience recording the incident stood in front of Koonce and examined the description of his activities. Koonce justified the export of the banner with the following statement: “I’m doing this because it’s being used to kill innocent young people… And you’re killing millions more.”

Adding to the complexity of her character, Koonce is listed on LinkedIn as “Shakeema (Jasmine) Koonce” and uses the name “Jas” on one of her Instagram accounts. The multi-layered nature of his lifestyle as a leading secretary, craftsman, and nicknamed individual raises issues regarding the intersection of individual beliefs and specialist obligations.

Koonce’s actions in destroying banners that were supposed to reveal insight into the plight of ordinary kidnapped Israelis sparked a controversy that went beyond the fast-paced environment.