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Yanfei Bao Children’s news is generally accessible on the web. Continue reading this article as much as possible in case you need more information about their loved ones.

Yanfei Bao, a real estate agent in Christchurch, was last seen on July 19, 2023. It is claimed that Bao was last found in the Hornby neighborhood in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Bao disappeared fourteen days ago while Wigram was pounding the doorways on Vickerys Street. Police are currently treating the case as a murder investigation after a man accused him of possession.

His family advised you to approach immediately, assuming you have any data that could help experts find Bao.

As well as this, Yanfei made an appointment to meet a recent buyer of a house in Trevor St, Hornby, where his vehicle was last seen.

Meet the little girl Yanfei Bao Children
Since Yanfei Bao’s disappearance on July 19, 2023, the children have attracted much attention from the general population and have been the subject of several requests.

Her child, whose name has not yet been made public, is the happy little girl of a happy mother. Several sites state that Bao’s daughter is nine years old.

Moreover, it appears that the youth used the nickname Momo; His name may not have been revealed for security reasons. Meanwhile, the teenager is a result of her past relationship with Tianshu Cai. 2020 saw his former Cai travel from China to Christchurch.

Moreover, Bao’s entire family is worried about his invisibility. She was reported missing a short time later when she failed to pick up her child from after-school care.

Additional Data About Yanfei Bao’s Daily Life
Since Yanfei Bao is a close relative, her absences stress everyone out. Two days after Bao’s disappearance, his family and sister investigated his disappearance.

His family also took their most memorable trip to New Zealand around the time Bao disappeared. So a meeting pledge was also coordinated to cover the expenses.

His family is also originally from China. Bao thus comes from Chinese ancestry. Apart from this, he moved to New Zealand from China’s Zhejiang region in January 2018.

Bao likewise provided managers with a master’s degree in business. Yanfei, meanwhile, had recently changed careers and was working for Harcourts when he evaporated.

Yanfei Bao’s life partner: Who is she?
Paul Gooch and Yanfei Bao married and shared a house in Avonhead, Christchurch. Everyone offered tons of help to the family and even expressed their thanks to everyone involved.

Bao’s family expressed their gratitude to everyone in the statement made by the police on their behalf and presented a report that was being worked on. Bao’s life partner urges everyone to go back and tell everyone how much they are valued and appreciated at that point.

Other than that, no one knows exactly when Bao and Gooch signed the agreement. Obviously, they still lived a happy life.

She is also worried because Bao’s dear friend has not been found anywhere since she disappeared in July 2023. Further improvements will be available shortly as the review continues.