Who is Adin Ross? reacts to N3on approaching Kick streamer’s ex-girlfriend

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Who is Adin Ross? reacts to N3on approaching Kick streamer's ex-girlfriend

A few days after streamer Rangesh N3on approached Pami Baby in real time, Adin Ross voiced his thoughts on the matter, and he did not seem pleased by his friend’s actions.

N3on had met Ross’s ex-girlfriend Pami at a party a few days before. N3on made the first move in the confrontation, perhaps in an effort to antagonize her.

Adin Ross dubbed N3on’s behavior as ‘corny’

Videos of them interacting generated a great deal of conversation in the neighborhood. While some referred to N3on as a loser, others acknowledged his accomplishments.

Conversely, Adin Ross described his friend’s actions as corny on a recent broadcast and didn’t have many positive things to say about the footage.

When talking about a past relationship, Ross says N3on should not have included Pami Baby. He also tells his audience that sometimes enjoying one’s life is more important than making video that becomes viral.

“This s**t is just corny to me, bro,” he stated in a video. It is, in fact. You see what I mean when I say that it’s corny? It’s so cheesy. because N3on stated, “Oh, I did it for a clip,” when she phoned me.”

He said, “Like, man, sometimes you actually have to care about real life. Approaching your partner’s former partner is quite strange.

Adin Ross warns N3on of inappropriate content

Fans will be aware that Adin Ross and Pami Baby were in a highly serious relationship up to their public split sometime in October 2022.

Despite the fact that it seems as if they are getting along, the Kick streamer has shown a negative reaction to any information on his ex-partner.

It seems that scolding Pami Baby while N3on was trying to make content did not sit well either.

Ross actually went on to tell his viewers that he had reprimanded his fellow Kick streamer, making it clear that certain things were improper for content and that he shouldn’t overreact to it. As he put it, “I chucked him up on that.”

“I just did it for a clip, bro,” he says. She had tears in her eyes, as you should have noticed. It was just amazing. It’s not always about grabbing a clip, guy. Okay? “I’m not going to respond to it. I’m not going to act in that strange way or say, “What?”

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