Who is Matt Manasse? Pickleball instructor Matthew Perry considers his bond with the star of “FRIENDS” and his last moments.

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Who is Matt Manasse? Pickleball instructor Matthew Perry considers his bond with the star of "FRIENDS" and his last moments.

Matt Manasse, who was close to the adored “Friends” actor and coached pickleball for two years under the late Matthew Perry, has now revealed a heartfelt glimpse inside their connection.

At the age of 54, Perry—who portrayed Chandler Bing on the beloved program—apparently drowned in his hot pool at his Pacific Palisades residence.

Matt Manasse reflects on his friendship with Matthew Perry

Perry spent his last days playing pickleball at the exclusive Riviera Country Club, where Manasse, a well-known celebrity pickleball instructor, has been instructing students. The devastated coach, who watched “Friends” as a child, recalls Perry with love as a kind person who was driven to assist people.

Manasse said, “It was just Matthew and me when I started playing pickleball [with him].” His struggles with addiction were well reported. Occasionally, he would invite other individuals to the court; they were experiencing similar issues and attempted to utilize pickleball as a kind of support. In the end, you have a kind person who really wants to improve everyone around him, and I consider myself fortunate to have known him.”

Matthew Perry’s journey through Matt Manasse’s eyes

Manasse continued, saying, “My friend ‘Matty’ was genuinely excited about the game.”

He said, “Matty’s new, healthy addiction was growing ‘obsessed’ with the game.” He cherished it.

Perry loved pickleball because of the friendships it fostered as much as the game itself. Manasse said, “If anything, he had a lot of fun and pleasure…being on the pickleball court around people that he’d enjoy because he gave us so much joy.”

The ‘Whole Ten Yards’ actor considered pickleball to be more than simply a game; it was a crucial component of his road to recovery. Even though he had experience as a professional tennis player, he understood the special advantages that pickleball provided.

Manasse said, “He thought it could help with his recovery, and he was doing an awesome job,” highlighting Perry’s commitment to the sport. He has been playing regularly. Every week, he has been playing four or five times. He improved tremendously and never failed to make people laugh. He was an extremely kind man who cared about everyone and was competitive, according to ET.

Matthew Perry and Matt Manasse’s friendship beyond pickleball

It was seen by Manasse that Perry’s physical and mental health were improving.

“He was moving in a very positive way. He was beginning to eat better and was putting a lot of effort into making things right. He was performing well.”

Still, there was more to Perry and Manasse’s friendship than pickleball. Manasse had assistance from the actor of “The Ron Clark Story” as he became a well-liked pickleball instructor. Recalling Perry, Manasse said to himself, “Anything you need, I’m here for you.”

That’s his true nature,” Manasse said.

“When he strolled down the hill or onto the pickleball court, he was someone you wanted to see. Your day improved when you saw him. He thus have a star aspect about him that most people lack.” The distraught coach would close their correspondence with Perry with, “Thanks for being a very good friend.”

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