Who is Ayah Osman? A student at Union College said that everyone who attended the Israeli victims’ fundraiser ought to “burn in hell.”

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Who is Ayah Osman? A student at Union College said that everyone who attended the Israeli victims' fundraiser ought to "burn in hell."

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The most recent incident involving Ayah happened during a lecture given by Professor Berk.
Professor Berk, since Ayah’s remarks were so incendiary, they received a lot of attention.
The comments were made all the more improper since the event was centered on Jewish studies and the Holocaust.

According to Union College (NY) student Ayah Osman, anyone who participated in a bingo fundraiser for Israeli victims of terrorism need to “burn in hell.”

Who is Ayah Osman?

Ayah was involved in a heated exchange at a recent educational event held by Professor Berk, a renowned authority in Holocaust and Jewish Studies at Union College. The problem stemmed from Ayah’s inflammatory remarks against those who had participated in a bingo fundraiser to help Israelis who had been victims of Hamas. She had made the contentious suggestion that these guests should “burn in hell” in her comments. The thing that worried me the most about this circumstance was Ayah’s seeming lack of regret or recognition for the hurt her remarks had caused.

Ayah’s remarks during this lecture given by Professor Berk had attracted a lot of attention since they were so provocative. Given the necessity for tactful and courteous discourse in such circumstances, the statements were rendered all the more improper by the fact that the meeting was centered upon Jewish Studies and the Holocaust. The scandal was heightened by Ayah’s unwillingness to apologize or acknowledge the consequences of her remarks, which left many participants and onlookers very uneasy.

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