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Blaze Thibaudeau

Before the sixteen-year-old was discovered safely hundreds of miles from their Arizona home, a Mormon mother is said to have taken off with her son. The boy is said to think that he has been selected by God for the Second Coming of Christ.

After purchasing thousands of dollars’ worth of survival supplies in Arizona, Blaze Thibaudeau, his mother Spring Thibaudeau, his sister Abi Snarr, 23, and his uncle Brooke Hale made their way to Idaho, as reported by East Idaho News.

Ben Thibaudeau thought his mother “sees him as a Davidic servant who plays a significant role in the Savior’s return,” therefore he reported his son missing, fearing he was in danger.

The concerned father told the local publication, “They feel they needed to take him to an undisclosed location where he would receive his calling and understand his role in the Second Coming.”

“I worry about his safety, particularly if my kid is abrasive, disobedient, or hostile. I worry that my brother-in-law would put him under restraint or do anything to render him unable.

However, Blaze Thibaudeau, who is legally obligated to return to his father, was discovered safe in Alaska by border patrol authorities at the Alcan Port of Entry after the four family members had not been heard from since Monday, according to the Gilbert Police Department.

According to her spouse, Spring Thibaudeau developed a fascination with the Second Coming of Christ in 2015.

He was worried since she was also doing energy healing sessions. The father said that their bishop counseled Spring to “stop if she wanted the marriage to survive,” and Ben Thibaudeau recommended they “talk to our ecclesiastical leader.”

Ben Thibaudeau alleged that once she retreated from the energy healings, which are forbidden by the church manual, she began to have nightmares and brought their daughter into her fixation.

The two ladies began to have nightmares and felt compelled to begin gathering emergency supplies. “She began to spend a substantial amount of money preparing meals. Despite the fact that we reside in Arizona, she was purchasing a lot of winter clothes. She purchased tents. She was getting ready because, according to Ben Thibaudeau, “she was convinced that the saints would have to gather in the last days up in the mountains.”

Ben Thibaudeau said that Blaze and the couple’s other children had little interest in the second coming of Christ, despite Abi and Spring’s fixation on it.

He has never supported anything she has ever believed in. His father said, “He is your average teenager, wanting to do nothing but hang out with friends and use his phone.” “He has put in a lot of effort to earn a spot on the football squad. There are still games in this season for them. There is no possibility that he would have approved of it.

After receiving a panicked call, Abi Snarr’s husband Brayden arrived home to find her packing luggage and surrounded by freshly acquired hunting materials. The family was seen on airport surveillance film in Boise, where they were advised to leave right away to catch a flight, according to East Idaho News.

The family left when he refused to leave. Then, Snarr gave his father-in-law a call and informed him that their “worst nightmares have come true.” According to the local publication, Hale also took $50,000 in cash and wrote a “last will and testament” for his own children.

“I have left if you are reading this at this moment. I have no idea where I’m heading. I wasn’t informed. I won’t be around for a while. He wrote, “I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but I WILL,” the source said.  Ben Thibaudeau contacted the quartet right away, but he didn’t hear back.

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