Who was Armita Geravand? Iranian teen dies, Wiki, Bio, Latest Updates, Background, Many More

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Who was Armita Geravand? Iranian teen dies, Wiki, Bio, Latest Updates

A young Iranian girl lost her life after being assaulted by the country’s morality police and entering a coma.
Armita Gervand, 16, was assaulted for not wearing a headscarf.
She was reportedly assaulted at a Tehran metro station earlier this month, and as a result, she was sent to the hospital.

Iranian state media reports that a little girl who was allegedly assaulted by the country’s morality police for not donning a headscarf and slipped into a coma has passed away.

“Unfortunately, the brain damage led to the victim spending some time in a coma and they died a few minutes ago,” IRNA said in a statement.

Armita Geravand Age

Armita Geravand is the 16-year-old girl who has been identified.

Who was Armita Geravand?

She was reportedly attacked at a Tehran metro station earlier this month, according to activists, who said she was sent to the hospital with brain damage. This event took place only a few weeks after Iran enacted severe legislation toughening the penalties meted out to women who defy the nation’s already stringent hijab restrictions.

Alleged assault by morality police

Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, a Kurdish rights group based in Norway, said early in October that Geravand had been rendered unconscious after being “assaulted” by morality police.

Another opposition network, IranWire, asserts that Geravand’s hospital admission was brought on by “head trauma.”

Employee of Hengaw Awyer Shekhi verified to CNN that Geravand was contacted at the Shohada metro station by female morality police officers, who requested her to adjust her headscarf. This request escalated into a violent altercation as Geravand was attacked by the morality police personnel. She was knocked to the ground after being pushed.

Iranian authorities have refuted the accusations, stating that Geravand’s hospitalization was due to a low blood pressure injury.

Geravand’s friends and family have supported these denials in statements to state media, although it’s not clear whether they were made under duress. In the past, UN diplomats and human rights groups have accused Iranian authorities of pressuring the surviving families of protestors killed to make comments that fit the government’s story.

Iran’s parliament passed a bill

A “hijab bill” pertaining to clothing regulations that included a possible 10-year jail penalty for offenders was approved by the Iranian parliament in September. This happened after the first anniversary of the large-scale demonstrations sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death.

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