Who is Camilla Deterre? She compares the Jewish nation to Nazi Germany

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Who is Camilla Deterre? She compares the Jewish nation to Nazi Germany
  • Model Camilla Deterre came under fire after she likened the country of Jews to Nazi Germany.
  • According to the IHRA definition, her comment is antisemitic.
  • Her varied abilities within the New York fashion world stand in stark contrast to the dispute.

Social Media Post

Model Camilla Deterre, who is represented by Elite, recently made similarities between Nazi Germany and the Jewish people on social media, which sparked backlash. Such parallels are classified as antisemitic by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which defines them as Holocaust inversion.

Who is Camilla Deterre?

A well-known person in the New York fashion industry, Camilla Deterre is known for her many interests, which include fashion photography, design, and writing. Her vibrant presence in the creative world has attracted attention, however others have sharply criticized and condemned her recent remarks for being insensitive and lacking historical context.

Her message is set against the tragic background of an ongoing war that has claimed a great deal of lives on both sides between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists. Over 8,000 Palestinians have died in the conflict, many of them women and children. This degree of violence has never been seen in the area before in recent memory.

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