Who is Megan Daniels? Texas teen joins IDF to conflict with Hamas

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Who is Megan Daniels? Texas teen joins IDF to conflict with Hamas

A 19-year-old model from the Dallas area is traveling to Israel to fight with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the current war against Hamas.

Proud to be Jewish, Megan Daniels made the decision to put off going to college in order to pursue her lifelong goal of joining the IDF. Daniels barely finished her basic training a few days before Hamas launched a devastating strike on Israel that claimed 1,400 people.

In reaction to the strikes, Israeli soldiers are now on high alert, ready for a potential invasion of Gaza.

Daniels is one of 21 IDF troops who usually reside in Texas who are referred to as “Lone Soldiers,” a name used to characterize personnel who have no family in Israel to assist them. This information was reported by WFAA.

Megan Daniels’ lifelong dream

After visiting Israel in middle school, Daniels’ ambition of visiting the nation was first sparked.

Eddie Daniels, her father, remembers her fervor for backing Israel. “I believe Megan came up with this idea when visiting Israel on her middle school trip. She wanted to support Israel in the manner that she felt was most appropriate, which was by enlisting in the IDF,” he said to KXAS.

Many at first disregarded Megan’s dedication, according to her mother Taryn Daniels, who stated, “Everyone said it was a phase.” Yet Megan’s will did not falter.

The dual American-Israeli citizen was at work in Tel Aviv on October 7 when Hamas began its onslaught on Israel. She had just finished her basic training when she contacted her parents to tell them she was safe.

Eddie Daniels, her father, described the tearful exchange by adding, “She phoned us to say, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m safe. At my base, I am. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked. She said that while the bombs had not yet made headlines in the US, they had begun. And the entire scope of what had transpired became apparent when she phoned us later that day.”

Taryn expressed their pride and terror. “You never expect something of this magnitude to occur, which is why she and we are both afraid. She is much braver and stronger than I am, and her courage, resolve, and dedication to this are amazing.”

Megan has shared snippets of her stay in Israel on social media. She is a model for Matriarch Model Management, and the brunette may be seen in stunning, bikini-clad pictures on her Instagram account.

Support from afar

Even though Megan is hundreds of miles away, her community has never stopped supporting her. Her mom said, “My daughter did ask me to share with you specifically that everyone in Israel has seen that image of the Dallas skyline has been going around, and they’re all so touched by the support they’re getting from America.”

Megan’s friends and parents back in Texas have been collecting money for IDF troops like Megan. Contributions will help vital needs including field hospitals, armored ambulances, medical supplies, plasma, and hygiene kits via Friends of the IDF.

Eddie Daniels underlined the significance of Megan’s service by saying, “Many of us believe that if I had been alive during the Holocaust, I would have taken action. Now that she’s in Israel, she has the ability to take action. The biggest danger to Judaism since the Nazis is now here.”

Now that Megan is half a globe away, her parents are rooting for their 19-year-old cheerleader and praying for her safe return. “We’re proud of the way she’s handling adversity she never imagined,” added Eddie. “We know she will contribute so much to help her people and the free world make the world a better place,” Taryn said.

There are presently 21 Lone soldiers from Texas serving in the IDF, according to Friends of the IDF (FIDF). According to reports, the IDF has only allowed FIDF as the only US group to gather money for the troops’ humanitarian needs.

Field hospitals, armored ambulances, medical equipment, plasma, and hygiene kits are among the current requirements, and 100% of contributions are sent right away and straight to the IDF.

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