Who is Julius Pullen Midland Shooting Second suspect, Bio, Arrest, Background

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Who is Julius Pullen Midland Shooting Second suspect, Bio, Arrest, Background

Julius Pullen, 18, second suspect in deadly attack in Midland
Victim Dennis O’Laughlin, 36, dies, another person is hospitalized
Pullen admitted to the shooting but claimed self-defense; Witnesses and evidence objected to this

Julius Pullen, 18, of Midland, has been identified as the second suspect in the tragic fatal shooting in Midland.

At approximately 7:45 p.m., officers with the Midland Police Department responded to a report of shots fired in the 4500 block of Erie Drive.

They found two gunshot victims in the area. Unfortunately, a man named Dennis O’Laughlin, 36, died from a gunshot wound. Another person was quickly taken to Midland Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Who is Julius Pullen

Authorities determined that 18-year-old Julius Pullen was responsible for the gunfire, which occurred after a heated argument. Pullen was arrested and charged with murder as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Shockingly, Pullen admitted to the shooting during a phone call to the Midland Police Department, according to court records. In his interview, Pullen gave a horrific account of the incident, stating that the victim “was in the living room and died.”

The female victim, who survived the tragedy, described the argument between herself, Pullen and O’Laughlin. During the argument, Pullen retrieved a gun from his room and fired multiple shots, wounding both O’Laughlin and the female victim.

During his interview with investigators, Pullen claimed he acted in self-defense, but eyewitness accounts refuted this claim. They said Pullen “incited the conflict” and that the use of a firearm was unnecessary.

Investigators also found “imperfections” on the underside of O’Laughlin’s body; This means that more shots were fired into his body after he fell to the ground.

The incident left the Midland community in shock and mourning; Further investigation into the case has been launched to gather all the details surrounding this incident.

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