Who is Mohamed Khalil? student in Brooklyn arrested for fighting man trying to protect Israeli hostage

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Who is Mohamed Khalil? student in Brooklyn arrested for fighting man trying to protect Israeli hostage

This week, a Brooklyn guy was jailed for wearing a Palestinian scarf.
While attempting to tear down Israeli captive posters that the locals were hanging, he got into a fight with them on the Upper East Side.
The 21-year-old Mohamed Khalil was accused of obstruction, disorderly behavior, resisting arrest, and harassment.

This week, a man from Brooklyn who was wearing a Palestinian scarf got into a fight on the Upper East Side that was caught on camera. He made an effort to remove posters that the villagers had put up depicting Israeli captives.

Who is Mohamed Khalil?

Following the altercation between 68th Street and Lexington Avenue about 5:30 p.m., Mohamed Khalil, age 21, was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstruction by way of charges. In the video, Khalil is seen making an effort to shove past others who were attaching the flyers to a utility pole.

“Why are you taking it down?” a guy asks Khalil during the argument. When Khalil reacts angrily, a conflict takes place. The cops show up soon after others intervene to stop him from taking down the posters.

Following a short altercation with the authorities, Khalil was placed under arrest. The Hate Crimes Task Force is now looking into the event to see if it was motivated by bigotry.

Tensions have escalated since extreme Hamas terrorists surprised Israel on October 7 and the Israeli government responded by closing the Gaza Strip. This event is only one of several recent conflicts between supporters of the Israeli and Palestinian causes.

In a show of solidarity, some pro-Israel activists have started hanging posters featuring the more than 200 Israelis—many of whom were civilians—that Hamas abducted on October 7.

In another instance, a man in Queens who was taking down posters of Israeli captives was approached by construction workers in New York. The employees conveyed their dissatisfaction with the behavior and underlined how critical it is to respond to such acts as the standard rather than the exception.

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