Who is Keeta Vaccaro, wife of Tyreek Hill

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Who is Keeta Vaccaro, wife of Tyreek Hill

The former Super Bowl winner Tyreek Hill and his longtime fiancée Keeta Vaccaro are now legally wed.
Back in 2021, Hill made the first marriage proposal to Keeta.
Hill proposed in style, presenting her with an enormous diamond ring.

According to court records TMZ Sports was able to get, Tyreek Hill, the former Super Bowl winner, is now lawfully married to his longtime fiancée, Keeta Vaccaro. The wedding happened in Travis County, Texas, on a Wednesday afternoon.

Who is Keeta Vaccaro?

Keeta Vaccaro is the sister of Kenny Vaccaro, a former NFL player.

Since Hill first proposed to Keeta back in 2021, this marriage had been eagerly awaited. His proposal included an enormous diamond ring and was nothing short of spectacular. Hill had gone to great lengths to make sure the engagement ring was even more impressive than his Super Bowl ring.

Hill said, “She’s definitely got the most diamonds, man,” during the proposal. The wide receiver, 29, who is now with the Miami Dolphins, spoke about how much effort he and Keeta put into choosing the ideal ring. He clearly wanted their engagement to be a significant milestone in their relationship.

Tyreek Hill and Keeta Vaccaro’s marriage closes a chapter on their lives and demonstrates their unwavering devotion to one another. The couple, their families, and their friends surely had a happy and unforgettable time during their wedding ceremony in Texas.


In his career, Hill has become well-known in the National Football League (NFL) as a wide receiver and return specialist.

When Hill was chosen by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, his NFL career officially started. He was dubbed “Cheetah” for his incredible speed, and the Chiefs soon adopted him as a dynamic playmaker. His versatility as a wide receiver and returner made him stand out in the league.

Hill has received several distinctions over his career, including several choices to the Pro Bowl and All-Pro recognition. Working closely with ace quarterback Patrick Mahomes, he has been a major factor in the Chiefs’ offensive success.

With a plethora of catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns over his stellar career, Hill has shown time and time again that he can turn games around. His contribution to the Chiefs’ repeated AFC Championships and Super Bowl LIV triumph has been crucial.

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