Who is Noora Lahoud? University student tears down posters of kidnapped Israelis

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Who is Noora Lahoud? University student tears down posters of kidnapped Israelis

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Boston University SJP member Noora Lahoud destroyed posters about Israeli kidnappings.
She argued that the events were “fake news,” which sparked discussion and brought attention to SJP’s anti-Israel actions.

Who is Noora Lahoud? University student tears down posters of kidnapped Israelis
Noora Lahouds

Noora Lahoud, a member of Students for Justice in Palestine at Boston University, causes a sensation when she tears down posters depicting Israeli kidnappings.

Who is Noora Lahoud?

Student for Justice in Palestine Noora Lahoud has gained attention at Boston University for her work creating posters to raise awareness to Israeli citizens who have been abducted by Hamas. Discussions have been sparked by this occurrence, which has illuminated her background and values.

In October 2023, Lahoud’s conduct of tearing down posters coincided with Hamas’s abduction of Israeli people amid a string of terror attacks and war crimes. There were almost 1,400 Israeli deaths, hundreds of kidnappings, and injuries as a consequence of the kidnappings. The purpose of the posters is to raise awareness of these regrettable occurrences.

When questioned why she was acting the way she was while someone was filming her, Lahoud said, “You’re spreading propaganda, fake news.”

Notably, Lahoud was apparently the creative director of a Boston University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a student organization with pro-Hamas sympathies, in April 2023.

In addition, her earlier remarks have drawn notice. Lahoud expressed support for “the Intifada” and the declaration “long live the Intifada” in an article that was published in the BU student newspaper in 2023. She questioned why colonial retaliation would be deemed racist and supported it.

The word “intifada” has a violent connotation since it has been linked to a number of violent acts, including bombings, stabbings, hijackings, shootings, and suicide missions, in relation to Palestinian uprisings against Israel.

In October 2023, Lahoud was purportedly an active participant in BU SJP, demonstrating her dedication to the student group.

On college and university campuses throughout North America, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is well-known for its anti-Israel initiatives. It was founded in 2001, and since then, it has been accused of intimidating and harassing Jewish students in addition to engaging in anti-Israel activities such as supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Discussions regarding freedom of speech, university activism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been sparked by Noora Lahoud’s activities and connections.

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