Who is Paulie? New Yorker Man goes viral, Tearing down Israeli hostage posters, Wiki, Bio

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Who is Paulie? New Yorker Man goes viral, Tearing down Israeli hostage posters, Wiki, Bio

This week, several videos of individuals removing hostage posters have gone viral.
Audiences anticipated that this one will be unique.
In this video, someone was seen ripping down flyers with the names and images of some of the Gaza prisoners.

This week, there have been a lot of videos going around showing people taking down hostage posters. Nonetheless, viewers could see from away that this particular film would be special.

Like the others, this video saw someone demolishing posters with the images and names of over 200 people who were being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas. However, what really made it unique was the man’s reply to the poster-ripper. somewhat of just asking the person to stop, he was somewhat profane in his choice of language.

The guy confronting the poster-remover’s admission that he was “not Jewish” was another noteworthy feature. In the video, he was referred to as Paulie.

The guy in the video with the noticeable New York City accent and the brown plaid shirt raised his voice to exclaim, “You don’t have a right to touch that.” He underlined that while it is a free nation, individuals are allowed to express their opinions by holding placards and waving flags, but they shouldn’t demolish signs.

Following a short altercation with the poster remover, he vented his annoyance by stating, “You’re littering the city.” I’m going to scatter you all over the floor in a moment.

The video had received more than 3 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter) and more on Instagram as of Friday night. Users soon located the exchange at a particular street intersection in the Forest Hills district of Queens, which is well-known for having a sizable Jewish population. Many said they would want to give the guy some kind of thanks, proposing that they send him money via Venmo or buy him a drink.

An Instagram user emphasized the importance of this non-Jewish person’s will to behave morally, stressing that assisting in the captives’ return is a deed that every good person should do.

Friday night, when Shabbat began in New York, the name of the guy who went by Paulie was still unknown to the general public, but it didn’t seem like long before it would be. Instagram users also spoke about the possibility of recognizing and publicly applauding those who conduct such measures.

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