Who is Rueben Sanez? Armed with airsoft gun, Wiki, Bio, Shot, Killed, Family

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Who is Rueben Sanez? Armed with airsoft gun, Wiki, Bio, Shot, Killed, Family

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Rueben Sanez, 36, was shot by Denver police after brandishing an airsoft pistol at them and then turning to aim what seemed to be a gun at them.
After that, the suspect carried on and was subsequently seen pointing the gun-like thing in the direction of the Burger King.

An incident in Denver had a guy approaching police officers with what seemed to be a firearm—later revealed to be an Airsoft pistol with a realistic appearance.

Who is Rueben Sanez?

When the person, identified as 36-year-old Rueben Sanez, pointed the gun-like device at several others, the scene became more heated.

A worried caller claimed that Sanez had pointed the gun at him, which is how the incident started. After that, the suspect pointed the gun-like thing in the direction of a Burger King restaurant, where a second victim said Sanez threatened them before he pointed the pistol and pulled the trigger. The bullets left noticeable marks even though they were unable to break through the glass.

Following the suspect’s description, a plainclothes officer saw Sanez close to 45th Avenue and Josephine Street. As he waited for further orders, the officer continued to monitor. Then Sanez went to the plainclothes officer’s car, got inside a bag, and took out the gun-like thing.

The officer got out of his car, pulled out his own gun, and said he was a law enforcement officer out of fear for his life. His distinctive feature was a military vest over his everyday clothes.

Sanez was told to drop the gun-like device by the authorities, but he disregarded their orders. Rather, he turned and left, which prompted three police vehicles full of uniformed cops to show there as backup. Sanez ignored their orders to disarm as they persisted in giving them.

Walking backward towards York Street, Sanez encountered five cops at the junction of 46th Avenue, where the tense confrontation persisted. At this he stopped and, in an unexpected turn of events, said, “Shoot me, shoot me,” challenging the cops.

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