Who was Sabrina Duran Montero? Narco Queen’ shot dead, Wiki, Bio, Family

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Who was Sabrina Duran Montero? Narco Queen' shot dead, Wiki, Bio, Family

SANTIAGO, CHILE: A startling assault in broad daylight in Santiago is said to have claimed the life of TikTok celebrity Sabrina Duran Montero.

The 24-year-old social media influencer and convicted drug dealer from Chile passed away from gunshot wounds on Tuesday, October 24, after reports surfaced that she was the target of masked gunmen when she was seated in her vehicle in a Santiago neighborhood.


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The Sun states that the deceased TikTok celebrity’s lone kid is still alive.

What statements did the police make when Sabrina Duran Montero passed away?

Following the assault on Tuesday, October 24, Police Chief Leonel Munoz said that Sabrina “had a criminal record, specifically for receiving stolen vehicles and drug trafficking, and had been released from serving a sentence approximately a month ago.”

According to reports, Sabrina started dating 29-year-old Antonella Marchant, her cellmate at San Miguel jail, while she was incarcerated.

Antonella, a member of the notorious Los Marchant gang, was given a 15-year jail term after her capture in 2021.

Antonella Marchant’s father is also serving time in prison

According to reports in the Chilean media, the Los Marchant gang was founded in 2012 after Antonella, the leader Francisco Marchant’s daughter, was arrested on drug trafficking charges when it was discovered that she was bringing marijuana from Argentina to Santiago for sale.

Like his daughter Antonella, Los Marchant narco founder Francisco is now incarcerated.

Sabrina Duran Montero was also known as ‘Narco Queen’

Sabrina was a “Narco influencer” on TikTok, having over 13 million likes and 572,400 followers at the time of her death.

May 2021 marked the start of her TikTok postings. Both Katrina Gusman and Juakina Gusman, the latter of which seemed to be a reference to infamous Mexican cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, were the identities Sabrina posted under.

The TikTok celebrity has also gone by the moniker “La Ina” and has been labeled “The TikTok Narco Queen” in reference to her involvement in drug usage among Chilean gangs.

Sabrina was detained at the beginning of the year on accusations of providing, distributing, and trafficking cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, and magic mushrooms, together with her two brothers.

Sabrina posted dances and videos of herself talking to the camera on TikTok to chronicle her time spent behind bars.

At least two hitmen shot Sabrina Duran Montero

According to reports, Sabrina was shot and killed in her automobile in Padre Hurtado, a neighborhood of Santiago, Chile, by at least two hitmen.

Sabrina is seen laying in the middle of the road in the terrifying video that a witness captured after being shot by a man wearing a mask.

The horrifying footage then shows Sabrina, who has already been injured, trying to get up as a gunman comes and opens fire on her. After that, the crooks fled the scene in Sabrina’s automobile, which was subsequently discovered to have wrecked.

According to reports, Sabrina was shot at least eight times, and medical staff at the hospital were unable to save her life. According to reports, she was on parole when the terrifying incident occurred.

The investigators speculate that a rival drug gang may have killed her as a way to even the score.

The investigation into Sabrina’s murder is still ongoing, and the masked shooters are still at large.

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