Who is Shani Louk? Beheaded by Hamas After She Was Kidnapped, Wiki, Bio

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Who is Shani Louk? Beheaded by Hamas After She Was Kidnapped, Wiki, Bio

The president of Israel said on Monday that the young German-Israeli tattoo artist, who was abducted by Hamas and paraded around the streets of Gaza, was discovered dead, having had her head hacked off by “sadistic” terrorists.

President Isaac Herzog informed the German daily Bild, “I am truly sorry to report that we have now received news that Shani Nicole Louk has been confirmed murdered and dead.”

He said, “Her skull was found,” and the relatives of the 23-year-old victim verified that DNA from certain pieces of her skull proved she had died.

This implies that as they attacked, tormented, and murdered Israelis, these savage, vicious monsters merely hacked off her head.

The president expressed his sympathies to her family, saying, “It is a great tragedy,” as translated by i24 News.

“We saw blood dripping into the roadways. Herzog said, “We have witnessed the most horrifying tragedies imaginable.”

Shani Louk Kidnapped And Found Dead

When terrorists abducted Louk, 23, from a celebration outside Kibbutz Re’im on October 7, when over 1,400 people, mostly civilians, were slaughtered, she became a symbol of the evils of Hamas.

The mother of the tattoo artist, Ricarda Louk, told German news agency dpa on Monday that she had also been notified of her daughter’s death.

Her mother now feels her daughter was slain that day, likely shot in the head, even though she had previously received word that her daughter had survived the first onslaught.

According to German network RTL/ntv, Ricarda Louk said, “At least she didn’t suffer.”

Shani Louk Mother And Sister Statement

She said that while her daughter’s corpse has not yet been identified, a splinter of her skull bone had been unearthed and had been sent for a DNA test, which verified her demise.

Adi, Louk’s sister, also shared the news of her sister’s death at the “festival of blood at Re’im” with “great sadness,” captioning her post with an emoticon of a broken heart.

According to Israeli rescue agency Zaka, about 260 people died at the scene of the Tribe of Nova dance event at the Negev Desert music festival.

Louk contacted her mother as terrorists flooded the event, telling her she was attempting to get to her vehicle so she could drive away. Shani’s family saw unsettling video of her apparently dead corpse laying in the back of a pickup vehicle with armed guys all around it a few hours later.

The video shows the armed men carrying Shani’s corpse about and ultimately carrying her into the Gaza Strip while chanting “Allahu Akbar,” which is Arabic for “God is great.”

Although tattoo artist Louk was born and raised in Israel, she also spent a portion of her early years in Portland, Oregon, where she went to the Jewish Portland Academy for kindergarten.

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