Who is Vitali GossJankowski? Assaulting Police, Wiki, Bio, Latest Update

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Who is Vitali GossJankowski? Assaulting Police, Wiki, Bio, Latest Update

The 34-year-old Vitali Goss-Jankowski threw up his hands and slapped down on officials attempting to put handcuffs on him after US District Court Judge Paul Friedman decided that he would be detained until punishment.

According to accounts, a guy who was found guilty of attacking police during the Capitol incident on January 6, 2021, was forced to the ground by court personnel on Monday after he refused to give up after a judge placed him under arrest for making threats against federal agents.

Vitali GossJankowski refusing to surrender

GossJankowski was not quieted until more security stormed in and joined the melee. He had successfully wrestled court officials to the ground, overturning tables and chairs in the process.

According to CBS News, he needed to be restrained by at least four US Marshals and FBI agents.

According to the US District Attorney’s office in Washington, DC, the defendant was found guilty in March of felony and misdemeanor counts for attacking police “with an electro-shock device” during the incident at the US Capitol.

Goss-Jankowski was first granted parole while awaiting sentencing, but on Monday, prosecutors claimed he had sent multiple antisemitic texts to federal agents involved in his case and had made social media posts threatening to disclose their private information, ABC News reported. As a result, he was summoned to a hearing.

The same federal agent who first detained him during the Capitol violence in 2021 received one of the messages.

Prosecutors said in a court document that “the defendant had previously used his social media to track and publicly harass members of law enforcement and the FBI’s Washington Field Office.”

Just this raised some concerns. However, he has now written threatening, direct texts to a certain law enforcement official who has already provided testimony in this case.In a statement to ABC, Goss-Jankowski’s lawyer, Matthew Peed, stated that the defendant had handled his case with appropriate decorum and that the hearing was “a confusing and emotional moment” for him.

According to Peed, “Mr. Goss-Jankowski experienced a perplexing and emotional moment at the conclusion of today’s hearing, which is not at all consistent with the character he has demonstrated throughout his many months on release.”

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