Who is Ina Thea Kenoyer? North Dakota woman fatally poisons boyfriend

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Who is Ina Thea Kenoyer? North Dakota woman fatally poisons boyfriend

After finding out about her boyfriend’s intention to abandon her, a lady in North Dakota fatally poisoned him, according to authorities, since he had only hours before received $30 million.

On Monday, Ina Thea Kenoyer, 47, was accused of killing Steven Edward Riley Jr., 51, on September 5. According to police, this brutal crime was motivated by “financial motives.”

The Minot Police Department’s Investigations Commander, Capt. Dale Plessas, said, “This case was extremely complex.”

As witnesses informed detectives, Riley became unwell when he met with his lawyer on September 3 to pick up the huge inheritance cash, according to police documents.

Riley was found unconscious in his Minot home by paramedics when Kenoyer finally called 911 the next day.

The next day, he passed away in the hospital.

According to an autopsy, he died from antifreeze ingestion, which authorities believe Kenoyer gave him.

In a series of absurd Facebook postings in the days before her arrest, the suspected murderer declared her innocence and claimed Riley had committed suicide.

Three days before to being accused with murder, she said in a post, “To the Shafer that almost hit me, that’s not married hello hunny I wish I was looking for someone but no I’m a one man woman, kind person, and Steve Riley the only man I ever wanted.”

According to the documents, Kenoyer informed investigators that she intended to divide Riley’s staggering inheritance—which she pegged at about $30 million—with his kid.

As his common-law wife, she claimed she was entitled to the wealth; yet, North Dakota does not accept these kinds of unions.

Riley had also made preparations to end the relationship soon after getting the enormous quantity of money, which prompted detectives to believe she had poisoned him to get the treasure.

“Dad, rest in peace. Riley’s distraught son said on Facebook, “I had a feeling it was her with how everything played out, but f–k I wish we made plans to see each other sooner.”

I hope she gets what comes to her for removing you from this life.”

North Dakota’s worst murder charge, AA felony murder, is what Kenoyer is accused of.

According to court documents, she is representing herself and is being detained without bail at the Ward County Detention Center.

The suspected murder is the most recent in a long line of domestic poisonings around the country committed by rejected lovers who want to profit on the success of their victims.

A former physician at the renowned Mayo Clinic and poison expert was accused last week of killing his wife during marital problems. He reportedly tried to have her corpse cremated right away with the intention of cashing in on a $500,000 life insurance policy.

Kouri Richins, a mother from Utah, is now awaiting trial for allegedly giving her husband a lethal Moscow mule infiltrated with fentanyl the day before she made money on a $2 million property she intended to sell but he wouldn’t pay for.

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