Who is Jason Pass? Police shot Brooklyn man who murdered two neighbors

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Who is Jason Pass? Police shot Brooklyn man who murdered two neighbors

A Brooklyn man who fled after killing his two upstairs neighbors was captured early Wednesday
The 47-year-old man was identified as Jason Pass.
He had been evading capture since he shot and killed his neighbors in the hallway of his apartment complex on Sunday.

A Brooklyn man fled after killing two of his upstairs neighbors in response to noise complaints and was captured by NYPD officers early Wednesday. According to information received from the police, the suspect was shot by the police during the arrest.

The man was identified as Jason Pass.

Who is Jason Pass? 

Jason Pass is 47 years old. He had been evading capture since Sunday night, when a video showed him shooting and killing Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and Mathurin’s 27-year-old stepson in the hallway of a Flatbush Gardens apartment complex.

Police shot nabbed

Police found it on Pass on Bay 44th St. at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. A police source said Pass was carrying a knife when he was shot as officers tried to take him down. Following his injuries, he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Pass, a former state corrections officer, often stayed with his aging mother in the apartment just below Mathurin’s fourth-floor home on Brooklyn Avenue in East Flatbush. Police reported that Pass persistently complained about the noise from the family living upstairs.

A long-standing dispute was confirmed by a lady who claimed to be Pass’ older sister and claimed that Mathurin and his family had threatened her mother and brother in the past. He said Pass went upstairs the night of the event only to talk about loud noise, including furniture moving and jumping. He argues that the firearm was a defensive action.

A manhunt has been launched against Pass regarding the murder of the residents of the apartment above. Police were able to identify him thanks to security film that recorded the entire attack.

According to police sources, Pass, who appeared to be a former police officer, suddenly attacked the police officers, waving the knife in his hand.

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